The Diocese of Aru seeks  the Vision of Abundant Life  for All in Jesus
We seek to achieve this by enabling
‘An evangelistic ministry of all believers, seeking a transformation of our society and the environment by living in unity and in love, and by practising a holistic form of evangelism to achieve the well-being of the body and soul.’
Aru Cathedral

Map Aru in the DRC CongoAru diocese
The Anglican Church was established in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1896 by a Ugandan, Canon Apolo Kivebulaya.
It functioned for its first 76 years under the Anglican Church of Uganda until the first diocese in D.R Congo (Boga Diocese) was inaugurated in 1972.
The Diocese of Aru was inaugurated on 13 November 2005.

Working the landIt is one of the 10 Dioceses which now make up the province of the Anglican Church of Congo.The diocese now has more than 42,000 registered members, 35 parishes, 7 archdeaconries, 280 chapelles, 88 schools, 8 health centres & 2 hospitals.

The Aru RegionThe Area
Aru diocese, situated right in the north-east corner of the DR Congo covers an area of about 600km by 300km. That’s larger than the are of England and Wales.

The diocese is mainly very rural and the populations, who belong to a variety of different tribes, are mostly involved with agriculture and raising small animals. The two main towns are Arua, the commercial centre, and Aru, the administrative centre.
Village in Aru