Our Projects

Aru projects

Our Theological Institute
This was founded in 2005.
All the priests are committed to their faith and their work and we hope to develop the ability of thinking and creativity of all leaders.

11 were ordained deacons in November 2013.

Involved in Aru


This involves travelling around the Aru Diocese by motorbike, covering an area of 180 000 square kilometres.

Bishop Ande on his motorbike
Aru Nursing College

Our Nurses’ Training College
Operating since 2008, it has 192 students. It has now celebrated its first class of graduates.
We operate 2 hospitals, at Mahagi and Aru, and 7 health centres.

Our Projects

Our Mothers’ Union
The Mothers’ Union works to ensure the promotion, both socio-economically and spiritually, not only of women but also of their families, the vulnerable and the oppressed.

MU bakes bread, Uzima Tele, and hope for equipment to improve their production.

They also assist 54 orphans and offer education to women on malaria, nutrition and dietetics and family planning.


Our Carpentry School
This has now trained more than 100 unemployed young people.

Their work provides furniture for people here in Aru and many now have their own jobs.

The Newton Library

Our Library
We have recently opened our new library building, the Bibliotheque Newton, here in Aru.

Our School

Across the Diocese we run 56 primary and secondary schools, as well as a nursery here in Aru.